How Much Does an ATV Weigh?

How Much Does an ATV Weight - Featured Image

Choosing the right ATV depends on several factors. But key among them is the need to choose based on weight, fuel economy, and tow weight capacity, especially if the ATV is one of the versatile utility ATVs. However, because the weight of the ATV is one of the most determining factors, many ATV enthusiasts often … Read more

How To Get Title for ATV With Bill of Sale?

How To Get Title for ATV With Bill of Sale - Featured Image

You hardly need an ATV bill of sale when you buy a new ATV. Since it is new, you get a title from the seller. This title is usually a trail of papers that confirms you as the original owner of the new ATV. It is one of the documents you need to register your … Read more

What Is High Mileage for an ATV?

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High mileage for an ATV is a common factor people consider when purchasing a used ATV. If you do not figure out a used ATV’s mileage, you might waste a lot of money on your four-wheeler. An ATV is considered “high mileage” if it has covered roughly 10,000 miles. Although other websites may offer a … Read more

Does an ATV Silencer Really Work? How to Make ATVs Quieter

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We can’t deny that the roaring sound an ATV makes is amazing when we rev up its engine. However, there are times when we need to tone things down and keep the four-wheeler a bit quieter. You can easily keep it quiet with exhaust silencers, but does an ATV silencer really work?  If this question … Read more

What Are the Best Most Reliable ATV Brands in 2024?

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Some brands are reputed for durability and reliability, while others for simplicity and reasonable pricing. As an ATV enthusiast, researching to find the best brands is one of the fundamental things you must know. This article has a list of the most reliable ATV brands and even compares some of them. There is a lot … Read more

Yamaha Blaster Price Guide (2024): Fast, Cheap, & Reliable

Yamaha Blaster Price

The Yamaha Blaster appeared on the vehicle market in the late 1980s, and from day one, it became a huge success as one of the best ATVs. Unfortunately, the company, based in Japan, announced its plan to discontinue making new models after 2006. But the Japanese manufacturer decided to replace the reputable line of ATVs … Read more

7 Best Chinese ATV Brands of 2024


Chinese ATVs are finding their place in the market. They are also becoming well sought after because the Chinese four-wheeler brands are improving their ATVs. Buying a four-wheeler may require some research and reading detailed reviews about the products. However, you can reduce how much research you have to do by checking out some of … Read more

Top 10 Fastest ATVs in 2024: Top Speed and Engines

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Although many factors affect the decision to buy one ATV instead of the other, speed is one of the main factors to consider. Acceleration speed which is how fast the quad moves from 0-60 mph, is another important factor. Many ATVs reach very high top speeds without any need for modification. They are built from … Read more

How Fast Does a 125cc ATV Go?

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When purchasing an ATV, it is critical to identify a suitable engine. The engine is known as the speed governor for the ATV. A 125cc ATV is usually classified as a mid-range category because it can achieve high speeds and has enough grip to get you through the mud without difficulty. A 125cc ATV can reach a maximum speed of … Read more

How to Make ATV Trails in the Woods

Building new trails for ATV riders is a difficult task. You need to consider many things before and during the process. These include legal trouble, sustainability, finances, and more. Don’t let that intimidate you, though, in this article; we go over everything you need to know to build your own ATV trail. Let’s get into … Read more