Does Honda Make a UTV?

Honda is known for manufacturing almost all kinds of vehicles, including side-by-sides like UTVs.

Continue reading this article to look at the various models of Honda UTVs and their specs.


Honda Side-by-Side Models


Honda UTVs are popular vehicles that may be used for various purposes. You can drive one of these models to manage your professional obligations or keep up with your activities.

Talon Models

The Honda Talon series consists of both two seats and four seats UTVs, and for 2024,  several enhancements have been made to the models mentioned below.

Here are a few of the best Honda Talon models:

  1. Talon 1000X-4:
honda talon utv

The Talon 1000X-4 has stadium rear seating, which places passengers in the back seat inboard and higher than those in front, ensuring that everyone on board has an engaged, sociable experience.

It features a high-tech Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) that efficiently puts horsepower to the ground and allows drivers to switch between drive modes (automatic and manual mode), accomplished via steering-column-mounted paddle shifters.

  1. Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve:
honda talon fox

This Talon model is powered by the same engine, chassis, and body as the other four-seat Talon. The revolutionary suspension technology analyzes data from several sensors and adjusts all four shocks 16 times per second for one of two drive modes (automatic and manual shifting). The front and rear travel measurements are 14.4 and 15.0 inches, respectively.

  1. Talon 1000X:
honda talon 1000x

This is the sport that has taken the Powersports world by storm. The Talon 1000X is designed to excel in situations where precise direction changes are critical. It uses 2.0-inch body FOX Podium Quick Switch 3 shocks actuated via double-wishbone front suspension and a 3-link rear suspension system to deliver 14.6 and 15.1 inches of front and rear travel, respectively, gives the excitement of shifting through the gears.

  1. Talon 1000R:
honda talon 1000r

Talon 1000R employs bigger, 2.5-inch body FOX QS3 shocks and longer travel which works in tandem with the wider footprint to provide excellent handling while driving at high speeds. The 1000R, like other Talon models, was designed in Ohio and manufactured in South Carolina, and it has famous Honda durability, quality, and reliability.

Pioneer Models

Honda’s Pioneer side-by-side models stand apart from other utility terrain vehicles in various ways:

  • Exceptional materials
  • high-quality engineering
  • Innovative, networked technology
  • A world-renowned and well-deserved reputation for quality and dependability

Here are the three major Honda Pioneer models:

1. Pioneer 1000:

honda pioneer

The Honda Pioneer 1000 is presently the only model with a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Additionally, two of the Pioneer 1000’s limited edition deluxe versions come with I-4WD, which incorporates brake-traction control and a torque-biasing limited-slip front differential.

The Pioneer 1000 has a refined chassis feature that makes it desirable. To reduce vibration, the exhaust system and engine are placed against rubber. The Pioneer 1000 LE versions contain enhancements such as an electronic brakeforce distribution and a hill-start assist.

The Pioneer 1000 comes in a variety of colors. The Pioneer 1000-5 LE is available in matte silver and the Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe is available in red, black metallic, and Honda Phantom Camo.

2. Pioneer 700:

honda pioneer 700

Honda’s Pioneer 700 is another popular side-by-side alternative. You have a choice between two deluxe models, each of which includes:

  • Electric power steering
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Painted plastic with color-matched suspension springs
  • Manually adjustable automatic transmission.

Both versions seat four people and have quick flip capability, which lets you fold the two rear seats flat into the bed. The Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe is available in diver blue and Honda Phantom Camo, while the Pioneer 700-4 is only available in red.

3. Pioneer 500:

honda pioneer 500

The Pioneer 500 is the best-selling entry-level four-wheel drive among all side-by-side alternatives. The vehicle has a four-stroke engine positioned longitudinally for more efficient power transfer, along with a five-speed automatic transmission and a manual mode. Because of its small size, it can easily handle tight trails.


Honda’s automotive engineering expertise is known to be top tier. These Honda UTVs are one you can depend on for all your outdoor and off-road requirements.

Patrick Johnson